The Wondering LIfe


The Wondering LIfe


I'm Cindy. I am a life success coach specializing in helping you build and maintain a lifestyle that you want to live, not just what you have to live. 

Because, I want you to have the freedom to dream and wonder and do, without feeling stuck in your everyday.

I want you to be able to wake up each morning with a desire to accomplish the day ahead, and go to bed each night feeling fulfilled.

I know you. You work hard. You put everything you have into your family, your job, your home. And sometimes you wonder, is it enough? Is this what I was meant to do? What if I want more? What if  I can’t do anymore?


It is time to stop wondering those things and start doing them. It is time to find success in the simple things in order to be successful in the big things. 



Always be on the Lookout for the Presence of Wonder

-E.B. White

Always be on the Lookout for the Presence of Wonder

-E.B. White

I have been in your shoes.  

You tackle each day, but in the end feel like you have sacrificed part of yourself. You are overwhelmed and counting down the days to the weekend, your next vacation, or even a simple date night, and not out of excitement for what you will do, but for the fact that you will have a few minutes to yourself to forget about your commitments. In the end, you feel overworked and unaccomplished. And you wake up and do it all again the next day.

You deserve better.

You deserve to feel accomplished and confident. You deserve to re-find yourself in your hectic life.

Through my coaching programs I help Wonderers just like you, find balance and focus and purpose so they can accomplish the things that really matter and stop wondering about what might be. I help Wonderers build a successful life and to stop sacrificing what they want to do for what they have to do.

Because you were meant for more that what you believe.

I know what you are feeling. As a mom of 3 young children, my days sometimes feel like they run together. Everyday, I would wake up, get everyone ready for school, teach 80 middle schoolers, attend meetings, shuffle the kids from dance to baseball to soccer to hockey and home again, only for the day to continue in a fog. From there would be dinner and baths and chores and reading (because my teacher heart likes to make sure that my kids are reading everyday). Once bedtime hit, I was putting in more hours at the computer running my photography business and also managing the frozen yogurt business that we own. I was drowning, but not willing to let go. And on top of that, there were so many other things that I wanted to do with my life.

You see, I love being busy. I love the activities that my kids are involved in. I love owning my own businesses and I love teaching, but it wasn’t working. I wasn’t working. I pride myself on being a multitasker. I can do so many things at one time. "I got this." was a my internal mantra. But one can only multitask so many tasks before getting overwhelmed and defeated. I had to make some changes, even small ones to help balance the things that I needed to do, with the things that I had to do. 

So I did.

It originally started with an investment in a business coach. I was trying to expand my photography business, I wanted help in learning the in's and out's for social media, marketing to my ideal clients, etc. As I was going through this course, I was simplifying and planning and purging, and making goals for my business. Everything I was doing was in order to benefit my business, yet my business was still not going anywhere. Then I realized why. In order to get my business in order, I had to get my life in order. I had to figure out how to be able to come home from teaching and be able to take the time to cook dinner and get my kids to their activities and make lunches, on top of working on my other businesses.

I began developing strategies in order to organize and tackle the different elements going on in my daily life. Through a process of finding clarity and simplifying,  I was finally feeling productive when in came to handling things at home, maintaining my full time job and businesses, and raising my kids. I began hearing from people close to me, "Cindy, I don't know how you do it? How do you keep up with everything that you have going on? How do you run your businesses and work? How do you have time to do all of this for your kids?  I wish I could ______ like you, but I just don't have the time."

I played it off for a while like it was no big deal. I joked that we were "just managing", or would say " I don't know how we do it, we just do." But after awhile I took notice.  There must be something I was doing differently. There must be something that I am doing that others can as well. And I started piecing it together.  I began making lists and filling in my agenda with ideas and hints and tricks and dreams.

Even as I began developing this course, my life continued to steer itself in a new direction, especially as I began to dig deep into the modules I wanted to develop. But the more I dug in, the more excited I got about sharing what I learned with other people. 


Time to Take Action

Time to Take Action

You can do the same thing. You can give yourself the time to watch your kids run around the park. You can binge watch that new show on Netflix. You can finish reading that book you started 6 months ago.


You can build the lifestyle that you want, not just the one you have to have. You can go back to school, start a new business or simply give yourself some breathing room and not feel so suffocated with your daily tasks.

Stop holding yourself back. You were meant to do something amazing. Whatever you wonder is possible. I can show you how.

Enroll Now

Enroll Now

Are you tired of feeling suffocated? Are you tired of wondering, what if?
Are you ready to tackle your life and realize the amazing potential that you have to be successful?

Are you ready to gain clarity in what is holding you back from your goals?

Are you ready to tackle the challenges of life and balance?

Are you ready to create a life that you enjoy?

If this is sounds like you, register now for the upcoming online cohort of The Wondering Life. 

Spaces are limited. 

Time is valuable.


The Program Details

6 week online cohort

Weekly modules to navigate and break down what is holding you back and what you can do to regain control 

3 live support webinars 

Email/chat support to work through your individual challenges

Private Facebook Group with additional 24/7 support 


What does the program cover?

In the 6 week program we will cover:

Your goals: What is it that you really want? Time to breathe, to open a new business, to go back to school, to develop strategies to run a smoother household

Your setbacks: What is holding you back? Hint: it isn't always time! What challenges do you face daily that we need to conquer in order to get you closer to your goal?

Strategies for success: How do we move past our setbacks? How do we make more time to accomplish our goals? We will work together to develop strategies that you can implement right away to gain success with your big and small challenges. 

Your wins: What are you already doing that works? How can we harness that success and apply it to other aspects of your goal?

Your next steps: Together we will come up with an action plan that you can continue to implement even after the program is complete, that allows you to succeed on future goals. 

Through each of these phases I will share with you the steps and strategies that I put in place to help me find time to accomplish my day without feeling burned out and run down at the end of the night, and to allow me to focus on my family and businesses without fear of failing because I was so overwhelmed. 


This is a limited time offer. It is time to start your year off on a positive note. Clear your mind of the negative and begin a new path. 

Stop wondering. 

Start doing.

You DESERVE this.