Good morning friends, happy Friday! Welcome to the first blog post of 2018! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me personally, and also to tell you a little bit about my business.

My name is Cindy. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, a mother to 3 crazy kids, a teacher to 70 6th grade students, a frozen yogurt business owner and a photographer. You could say that our life is a little crazy (and you would be right!) but we love it. When my husband (a police officer) and I are not working, we spend our evenings shuffling between dance, soccer, hockey and baseball for our kids, and our weekends snuggled on the couch having movie nights.

About 4 years ago, I had this silly idea that I wanted to break into photography. I originally thought that I would photograph mostly babies, with a few families thrown in there somewhere. My husband was very supportive. He bought me a new fancy camera, only shuttered a little when I started spending money on education classes to teach me how to use the camera, work with clients and eventually build my business. And he pushed and encouraged me when I lost faith in my ability to not only take photographs, but to take photographs that people loved and were willing to hang up in their houses or show off to their friends.

Throughout the last few years, my business has changed in many ways, even my subjects. While I once wanted to focus on babies, now my primary focus is on weddings and couples (though I still love to photograph babies and families). A few months ago, I took a leap and changed my business name and website, to focus on the new style that I was promoting. I feel more confident in the changes that I have made for not only myself, but for my clients.


After all, that is who I am here for. I got into photography as a hobby, but over the past few years, I have learned and met so many people that I wouldn’t have before. I am able to experience the joy and stories of bringing home that new baby and figuring out how to get them to sleep or what every little cry means, when I photograph newborns and their families. I am able to watch couples grow from being married, dealing with love and loss and birth and toddler years and extending their families even more with siblings. I am able to photograph weddings and witness the marriage of not only two people, but two families.

When you photograph these milestones in the lives of people, some of whom are absolute strangers until the session, you become a part of their life. You see the good, the bad and yes, sometimes the ugly! And they become a part of your life. I am forever touched by each client that I photograph. Each session has a story behind it. I love stories. I love watching how those stories change over time. But I also hope that the images I provide to my clients allow them to hold on to those stories for just a little bit longer. Life moves fast enough as it is. Kids grow older, family moves away, and our everyday agenda has a way of making us forget those little moments when things were new. How special they were. How happy we felt. I am a photographer to capture those moments, to pause life and to remember what was.


But as a photographer, I don’t just focus on the big picture, the family photos, or the entire or the  bridal party. My job as a photographer is to highlight the details of what made the session so special and what we tend to lose sight of as time goes by. The way the babies nose wrinkled when she yawned or how tiny her toes were. The flow of the dress of a new bride or the special engraving on the cuff links of the groom. Family and couples sessions do not just focus on standing and smiling at the camera, but the interaction between family members, the cheek snuggle, the whispering in the ear, the belly laughs, and even the moments when not a single person is looking at the camera, but focused on each other in a real, not posed inter,action. Why? Because this is real life. This is how we are everyday, when we don’t have a camera following us around or some stranger telling us to look at the camera and smile.


Real life is important. Real life should be remembered and valued and celebrated. This is why I am a photographer. To stop those moments in time, to allow you to look back and reflect on how special your family is, not because of your pretty smile, but because of the love that shows in the little moments.


Whether it is with me or another photographer whose work you love, I hope that you make it a goal this year to schedule a photo session with your significant other, your family, or even just a group of friends. Let us photograph those moments that you don't want to forget. 

Cindy did such an amazing job making my fiancé and I feel as comfortable as possible during our shoot. Cindy assisted us with poses, in the best locations in Fayetteville and captured beautiful moments between my fiancé and I. I would use her a million more times if I could. I absolutely wish I could bring her back to NJ with us for future shoots. If you’re looking for someone reliable, warm hearted, joyful and personable Cindy is the photographer to go to! Thanks again! We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for us!
— Jane, engagement client
Sweet T
Thank you so much for enhancing the beauty of my gorgeous niece and her handsome fiancé. My absolute favorite is when they are walking, and a gentle wind whisper her dress as she is gazing lovingly into Scott’s eyes. Picture perfect. Thank you so much for sharing in their beauty.
— Mary Ann