It is always so wonderful when I have clients that refer me to their friends for photo sessions. As a small business owner, referrals are the #1 way to acquire new clients. I had just sent out a lifestyle newborn session for sweet Isabella when no sooner I had an email from Mom that she had referred me to her friend for an engagement session. Perfect!


Jane contacted me and let me know that she was coming down to North Carolina from New Jersey in November and wanted to do an engagement session with her fiance, Scott, who is stationed at Fort Bragg. Scott will be exiting the army in June and she wanted photos of them together with him in his dress blues. So perfect.

We chose to meet in Downtown Fayetteville, a town that has seen some wonderful changes in the past few years. It boasts character with every turn you take down the streets, from parks to colorful buildings to historic businesses. Jane was a trooper walking the town in her high heels, and Scott played it well as I had them stop on a dime to stand and pose whenever I saw a cute location. The men are always the ones to say that don’t want to do the photo session, which is what always makes it that much sweeter when you get such great shots of them!

In a few short months Scott and Jane will be having a beautiful New Jersey Wedding, which I am sure is going to be absolutely perfect. I am so glad that I got to meet both of them here in North Carolina and wish them all the happiness in the world as Scott transitions out of the army and back to his home state to continue to build their lives together.

Congratulations Scott and Jane! Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you!